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It is the dream of every business to hit their first 100 sales. Every business owner is keen to reach this specific milestone. Especially when the facts suggest that 50% of new businesses close down in the first four years.
Out of this number, 40% of businesses remain profitable, 30% break even and 30% are continually losing money. However, if you keep your head high and create a great product or service, nobody can stop your fitness business from hitting the first 100 of the many more sales to come.

We all know the hype around fitness and healthy living nowadays. As celebrities keep shedding the excess weight or shape up from being skinny in front of our eyes, it is normal to feel like we also need a dedicated trainer in our lives to transform us the same way.

Enter the fitness business with all its promises and rewards. Now it has become so easy for common people to achieve the body of their dreams. But how should a business owner go about it?

First, you need a fully-functional website, complete with a logo and brand name. This builds a persona around your business and also looks more trustworthy to potential customers. Social profiles are a must since they can be used to create hype around your business and also to engage with new and existing customers. Then you need to step out into the real world and find people who can help you spread the word.

Here is how you do it:

Step 1: Build a list of experts

Finding influencers is very simple. You can spend a good half hour searching Twitter or Facebook with their search filters and there you go – you will see the top influencers in your niche. Other than that, you can use tools like BuzzSumo to find top influencers in the fitness niche.

Also, reach out to experts in this business and in the field of health and wellness. The average customer loves a testimonial or two from a health expert about how great your fitness plan is. If you highlight these testimonials on your online platforms, people will get attracted to your business because of the perceived value.

Step 2: Make long-term relations with these experts and influencers

You shouldn’t treat this process like an automation. Don’t just go like ‘We want you to write a positive comment for us’ and expect them to say something good about you on their social profiles.

Instead, take it the long way and make genuine friendships with these people so they value you and your brand. The opinion of a key influencer is worth a lot, and if you make good relationships with them, what they post and tell their followers is going to make all the difference to your sales.

People in the fitness world love to talk about themselves. Ask them their opinions and then send them an email pitching your product. Suggest them ideas that are mutually beneficial and interesting.

Step 3: Consider compensation

You must keep in mind that not every blogger or influencer is looking to accept your membership and post about it. Some bloggers require monetary compensation and you should give them that. This will have a huge impact on your sales, because these key opinion leaders have the potential to bring in, in some case, literally thousands of people by word of mouth.

Step 4: Share success stories

Share success stories with potential clients. Now that you have built a hype around your business and people are flocking in to inquire more about your product, don’t forget that you are the product.

Instead of listening to questions like ‘how can you make me lose XYZ pounds? ask the person what they think of themselves. It will shift the power to you and they will be obliged to think about what they want from your services. Also, by learning about their strengths, weaknesses and fears, you create a powerful way to connect with people at a deeper level.

When people are clear in their minds about how they are going to go about transforming their bodies, they will be more willing to cooperate with you and follow through on your advice. That’s why many fitness businesses come up with special deals to attract them. The deals should be clear in the following aspects:

Special events: The best time to promote your gym is surely after the holidays, or the New Year, when everyone is pumped up to lose some LBs. However, you can introduce summer programs, yoga deals and pregnancy programs to cater to specific audiences.

Timeframe: The programs should have a clear start and end date. Like a 40-day fix or a two month shred. This gives an idea of order to the potential customer.

Repetition:  It should be built in a way that it can be used again the next time of the year and whenever you promote it, it makes complete relevance. Your basic membership should still stay solid during this time.

Treat your customers right:

When you get those first 100 sales, make sure you reward these people by a free pass or access to a special promo deal. Other ways of rewarding is to put up the photo of a member on your Facebook page every week to showcase their efforts or to give them a 30-day meal plan for free.

Nutrition is the hardest thing for people to master, so come up with a free plan that makes life easy for your members. The point of these little treats is to make your customers fall in love with your brand.

Chart out your market:

It depends on which market you want to cater to. Some fitness brands have a wide range of options, while some specialize in only one range. You can come up with the strategy which suits you the best.
Your company’s web presence should be huge, with special emphasis on social media and blogging. Keeping a blog will answer any user queries and present you with multiple marketing options. You should build a community of people who share the same interests and encourage discussion about it online.