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Patients who have gone through a bypass surgery need to take treatments recommended to maintain a healthy heart condition. It also reduces any further risk that may develop or may result in a heart attack or other complications that may come after a bypass surgery. There are two types of treatments or care generally recommended for patient care to prevent complications.

  • Home care
  • Participating in a cardiac rehabilitation program

Home Care: Most of the patients get discharged after five days of their surgery. They are suggested to take home with some of the prescribed medications. It is important to know all the answers related to the patient’s health care to avoid any further risks. It is equally important to continue medications prescribed by the doctors from the hospital to increase survival rate and to reduce pain and other discomfort that are quite natural after a bypass surgery. These drugs are designed to prevent blood clotting, lowering patient’s blood pressure and keeping it stable, lipid therapy for lowering the level of cholesterol, reducing the amount of oxygen demanded by heart and maintains overall health condition and preventing complications associated with the surgery. Patients are also given instructions to take care of their wound. It is important to take regular care of wound by avoiding any lifting of heavy things or excessive movements of the wound area or chest area. Infections may develop if proper care is not taken and one should immediately contact to doctor if any discomfort arises like continuous fever, pain or increased heart rate.

Participating in Cardiac Rehabilitation Program: Participating in a stable program like cardiac rehabilitation program reduces risk of a heart attack in a noticeable rate. Cardiac rehabilitation program is designed for the health care of heart patients who have gone through surgery recently. This program allows the patient to stay at home to sleep and rest. A patient needs to visit the doctors in a regular manner and follow other monitoring programs and components to get the best result. Several components like exercising, monitoring regular heart health and regular medications– all are important to follow regularly to make the program successful. Exercise, one of the most important parts of cardiac rehabilitation program, is proven to increase heart health when done regularly in a prescribed manner by the physician. There are several types of exercises designed for different types of patients. Patients need to follow a strict limit of daily exercises that are suggested based on the monitoring result of individual condition. This program also involved a regular routine diet of the patient, helping patients to avoid or reduces some of the bad habits like smoking and drinking that may have a fatal effect on the heart, managing other diseases like diabetes, high pressure, maintaining cholesterol level, and planned psychological treatment for diminishing stress. All these are completely impossible without the support of a patient and his/her family. Having a good knowledge of health education is the best way to make things work in a clinical procedure. One needs to cooperate with these components to get the best result out of a program.

Taking good care after a surgery is the best possible way to reduce further health risk, whether it is done at home with family support or by a stable program designed with the best care for individual health.