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When you talk about health there are a number of things that could keep you hygienic at all times like a particular kind of hand wash, soap, laundry detergent etc. But what do clothes themselves have to do with the equation. Well there are a number of characteristics clothing themselves need to have to be able to so that it does not compress your skin too much for example. Let’s look at some negative effects and find out the positive characteristics you need to look for.

If you are into skinny clothing that supports your figure then you need to make sure the jeans you buy for instance doesn’t reduce the blood flow by supressing nerves in your leg or even groin area. This can seem like a trivial thing but can be very unhealthy. When you shop online find a reputable store so that you can really identify the size accurately and pick out something that is perfect for you. Stylewe is one such online store you can look into

Pyjamas is another item that needs to be monitored regularly. A lot of folks have just 1 pair which they keep using over and over again. Try to change your pyjamas every day and wash them. In this case it is advisable to buy 2 or 3 pairs that are made from pure cotton. Hybrid materials can sometimes prove to cause allergies and considering you will be spending a whole lot of time in these it’s probably best to find a pure material pair that is comfortable also.

Lingerie or Bras with an underwire in them need to be checked. They are most commonly made of nickel which is not ideal. You need to make sure you have a paint strap between your skin and the metal surface at all times. Find pairs that are safe health wise even though they are slightly more expensive.

Go for stocking or Spanx but make sure it fits you well so that your internal organs are not pressed in. The top tights need to be well cut. Tailor made fits you find online might be the way to go.

Swimwear is something you need to be especially careful off because hot damp conditions are perfect for bacteria to thrive and cause the air circulation is at a minimum it can prove to be harmful if not made from the right fabric. Make sure the fit you buy does not squeeze against your thigh and cause red bumps or rashes which can get infected. Get into the dry rooms and change into other types of clothing as soon as you leave the pool

When you checkout coloured clothing make sure the colours doesn’t wear off to quickly. If your fabric lets off a lot of colour after the 1st wash it might not be too healthy. Usually clothes from stores like stylewe are best known to provide high quality in this regard and are very safe for women of all ages to wear and enjoy.