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Cardiac Rehabilitation Program:

Cardiac rehabilitation or cardiac rehab is a program that is professionally supervised to help people get better from heart surgery, heart attacks, and procedures of percutaneous coronary intervention such as angioplasty and stenting. This program usually provide counseling services and education to assist heart patients enhance physical fitness, minimize cardiac symptoms, get better health and decrease the risk of future heart problems, also heart attack.

Eligible group for this program:
The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is helpful for those suffering from coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease risk factors. The program is functional for those who have had several treatments such as:
-Heart attack
-Heart failure
-Heart transplant
-Chest pain (angina)
-Coronary stents and angioplasty
-Coronary bypass surgery
-Peripheral artery disease

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program also helps to improve the clinical condition of the patient. They may need health care about conditions including:
-High pressure
-High cholesterol

For starting the program with every individual program, an exercise prescription needs to be formulated for ensuring prevention of any unsuitable exercise for that specific patient. So all the patient has to pass an initial evaluation phase of three tests:
-Exercise stress test
-Resting EKG and
-Physical examination.

Cardiac Education:
Cardiac education is a must for patient and their family so that they can facilitate learning and discussion about the rehabilitation process and heart disease. They also provide nutrition classes on a weekly basis by a registered dietitian. There will be medical evaluation to figure out your needs and limitations. The staff of the medical uses this medical news to tailor a rehabilitation program and help you set your goals. All the education or counseling is just to help you understand your condition and how you should manage it. You may take help from a dietitian to make a healthy diet plan. Some bad habits like smoking or drinking has to be stopped. Counseling will help you recover your confidence and cope with anger, depression and stress. You may also work with a physical therapist, healthcare professional and exercise physiologist. Your physical activity training often starts from a setting, where they will monitor your blood pressure and heart rate during physical activity. You may learn to check your level (intensity) of activity with your heart rate. So, you got an assumption to work up or get involved in more intense physical activities. This education programs will help you get back to your normal life and support you to continue daily activities. This program is designed with enough equipment for patient care and prevention of further stimulation that may be harmful for your health.

Why it is important?
Cardiac Rehabilitation offers a chance to be at the best health condition. Cardiac rehabilitation program is an individualized program that is medically supervised to maintain a productive and healthy lifestyle. You can take help to change your health habits by building a partnership relation with all of the persons like your doctors, nurses, primary cardiologist or other professional. Determine your goal and play an active role to make that happen.