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It is observed that the heels are often dry during the winter. This is genetic, aging, dry weather, fungal infection, psoriasis, and diabetes. Infection can also lead to terrible heel cracks, but most of the dry skin can be treated safely and without any clinical solutions but natural ones. This is done by cleaning agents and moisturizing agents which are a way to use natural means, such as antibacterial agents.

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon acid will serve best in this scenario and there are three ways:
-Squeezing the lemon and applying it to the damaged heel.
-By cutting the lemon in half so you can rub the heel with it.
-By crawl the lukewarm water in the basin.

Lemon does not need to be washed separately

2. Vegetable Oil

Oil moisturizing effect is considered best, you can also supply it for skin nutrition. Applying a little oil on your heel and wear socks before sleeping helps, you can use oil olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, etc.

3. Rice Flour

Make Rice flour paste by mix it with honey and apple cider vinegar (the ratio of one-to-one).
The amount of honey and apple cider vinegar should be in accordance with the severity of the damage.

If the cracking is awful, try mixing the olive oil.

After putting your feet in warm water for 15 minutes, apply Rice flour paste on your heels and scrub with this. After a while, wash your feet and wear socks before sleeping.

4. Banana

Banana nourishes the skin, it will not be moist. Try to find a banana which is too ripe and black.
1) Mashed ripe banana paste (in the manner of when making banana bread).
2) Apply on the heel with a banana paste that is cracked, left for about 15 minutes.
3) After washing with warm water feet, put a few minutes in cold water. Then put your feet in cold water and is to improve blood circulation in the legs. This is the same as the treatment of frostbite.
There is also a way to mix the avocado and coconut to banana, but then it takes a little cost.

5. Brine

If you put a foot in warm salt water, it will be moisturizing. Medical news journals tend to talk about serious issues that are cardiac or pulmonary related, if they could include such natural remedies it would be amazing.

Washbasin and put salt crawling lukewarm water, put your feet about 15 minutes. Then, we put in cold water.

Moisturizing blowing feet when you’re done.Because salt water is a simple I think to try to do it myself. Salt or sea salt to use, Epsom salt (Epsom salt magnesium sulphate) is nice.

Epsom Salt diet, beauty (beautiful skin, oedema), sells for bath salts as good salt to detox. But it might not be in the general house. It is not even in the house.

6. Honey

There is moisturizing effect on honey, also you can see from the fact that it is used in components of cosmetics. Furthermore sterilization, there is also antibacterial action.

The mix suitably honey in hot water, put the foot, and place about 15 minutes. After that, rub the feet, Wash, and moisturizing.

7. White Vinegar

Acid of vinegar will soften the foot. This is the same as the lemon. But it should not be directly painted foot because stimulus is strong compared to the lemon.

Hot water 3, at a rate of vinegar 1, to make a solution to the basin, and soak 5 minutes to 10 minutes a foot.
Wash your feet in ordinary water, blowing moisturizing.

In addition to Aloe Vera and also, it is such as also effective glycerine to that mix the rose water. Please try things easy to do. With such simple solutions on offer education can enable prevention also.